Slayer Handicap Blind

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Need a Slayer Blind that is wheel or track chair accessible? Check out the Slayer Handicap Blind. It includes an extra wide door big enough for most wheel chairs and track chairs. 

  • Extra wide door (40" wide)
  • Wheel chair and track chair compatible 
  • All the other great features and benefits of the Slayer Blind

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Built For Comfort. Made To Last.

The Slayer Blind is packed with some awesome features making it the ultimate hunting blind!

  • 5 Sided Design For Ultimate Visibility
  • One Piece Roof
  • Modular Design
  • Aluminum Frame and Blind Panels Made To Last
  • Real Marine Glass Windows
  • Windows Designed For Archery and Rifle Hunting

Spacious, Silent Interior

The Slayer Blind has a specious layout and is 6'6" from one side to the other. The 5 sided design gives you fantastic visibility where it matters most. The ceiling is 6'6" on the edges and 7'3" in the center. Our windows feature a silent open and close system allow you to stay comfortable in the worst of hunting conditions. The walls and floor are fully carpeted to deaden sound. 

Built To Last A Lifetime

Every part of the Slayer Blind is specifically designed to make it last a lifetime. Starting at the top, the Slayer Blind roof is made of one thermaformed piece of plastic ensuring the roof will never leak. The blind frame is made out of aluminum so it won't rust. The shell is made out of panels of lp which is rated to last years and years maintenance free. The windows are made of Marine-grade glass. Best of all, Slayer Blinds are made in the USA right here in Rockford Michigan.

Large Archery Windows

The Slayer 5 Sided Blind along with the large 14" tall windows gives you incredible visibility. The windows are designed to be large enough for bow hunting even when you are taking close shots from an elevated position. 

Modular And Lightweight

Sometimes you don't have big equipment available to move your blind or lift it onto a tower. Sometimes you can't get equipment where you need to take your blind. That is no problem with Slayer Blinds. Slayer Blinds are modular and are easy to assemble and disassemble. You can even assemble your blind on a tower one panel at a time. Slayer Blind panels are lightweight due to their aluminum frame and are easy to transport. 

Customer Reviews

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J Finn
Top notch service and customer care

I called at 7am est because we were getting our blinds delivered today and I wasn’t sure if regular forks could get under the whole blind to unload them. A real person named Rob answered the phone at 7am and contacted their delivery guys to make sure we could unload their handicapped accessible blinds with regular forks. Crisis averted and they let us know approx what time they would be here with the delivery. Thanks Rob and Gabe for your awesome customer service. Saved me a lot of time and headaches.