• About Slayer Blinds

    Outfitter Grade Hunting Blinds Made Right Here In Rockford, Michgian.

Our Mission: Create The Ultimate Hunting Blind

Slayer Blinds was founded in 2015 in Standish, Michigan with the mission of building the ultimate hunting blind. The mission was to not only build a blind that is comfortable and quiet and provides great visibility, but also that is built to last a lifetime. Another key component of the Slayer Blind is that they are modular. Blinds can come assembled or as flat panels. You can assemble your blind on location and even on a existing tower in a matter of minutes.

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Quality Hunting Blinds Made In Michigan

Slayer Blinds is currently located just north of Grand Rapids Michigan in Rockford. Slayer Blinds are built of the highest quality materials specifically chosen to make the blind last a lifetime. The blind frame is built out of aluminum which makes the blind lightweight and makes it not rust. The blind roof is a one piece plastic top so that it won't leak. The blind shell is made out of lp panels that are rated to last years and years. If you are looking for a blind made by hunters for hunters and that will last for years, the Slayer Blind is the right choice!

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The Leader In Blind Innovation

In order to create the best hunting blind experience, you have to create more than just a standalone blind. What really makes our blinds special is we integrate accessories seamlessly. We offer a variety of accessories from filming attachments to shooting rest attachments to blind curtains.

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