• Why Slayer Blinds?

    Outfitter Grade Hunting Blinds and Towers

Built To Last A Lifetime

Every part of the Slayer Blind is specifically designed to make it last a lifetime. Starting at the top, the Slayer Blind roof is made of one thermaformed piece of plastic ensuring the roof will never leak. The blind frame is made out of aluminum so it won't rust. The shell is made out of panels of lp which is rated to last years and years maintenance free. The windows are made of Marine-grade glass. Best of all, Slayer Blinds are made in the USA right here in Rockford Michigan.

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Spacious and Silent

We believe a blind should be comfortable and have plenty of room for two hunters at a time. Slayer blinds are 6'6" across and are 6'6" tall on the edges and 7'3" tall in the middle. There is plenty of room and height for multiple hunters and to stand up in the blind. The blind walls and floor is covered with sound absorbing carpet.

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Modular and Lightweight

Sometimes you don't have big equipment available to move your blind or lift it onto a tower. That is no problem with Slayer Blinds. Slayer Blinds are modular and are easy to assemble and disassemble. You can even assemble your blind on a tower one panel at a time. Slayer Blind panels are lightweight due to their aluminum frame and are easy to transport.

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Unmatched Visibility

Visibility is everything when it comes to hunting out of a blind. If you can't see the deer, you won't have success. The 5 sided design with windows almost the length of each panel allow you to have almost a panoramic view of your surroundings.

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Towers Built For Safety

The Slayer Blinds towers are built to last and to be safe and easy to use. The tower legs are made of aluminum so you don't have to worry about rust. The staircase is just that - its a literal staircase which makes it really nice for climbing up to your stand safely.

Portability Built In

We offer a Slayer Blind Trailer for when you want to move your blind from place to place. Simply hook it up to your UTV, ATV, or pickup truck and you can easily tow it around your property.