Slayer Blind Trailer

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  • Easily mounts to the Slayer Blind
  • Move your blind from place to place with your ATV, UTV, or Pickup
  • 2" ball trailer
  • Easily Level With Trailer Jacks
  • Works many other blind brands

Easily Move Your Blind

The Slayer Trailer makes moving blinds easy. Just hook it up to your ATV, UTV, or truck and move it. Comes with a 2" ball head hitch.

Easily Level Your Blind

You can use 2 jacks on the back of the blind to get it level once its in position. Great for where the ground is pretty uneven.

Say Goodbye To Bad Wind Directions

With the Slayer Trailer, you can easily move your blind to a different location to hunt a better wind direction or food source.