Pillar Single Arm Shooting Rest (KIT)

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The all new Final Rest Shooting Systems are on the cutting edge of shooting rest technology. Final Rest Shooting Systems take up zero floor space in your blind and they offer a wide range of motion without sacrificing shot stability.



•    Final Rest Pillar Lite (27 Inches collapsed - 50 Inches fully extended)

•    Single Arm (13 Inches - 26 inch range of motion)

•    Final Rest Platform with adjustable/collapsable yokes

Kit works great for:

•    Any hard shell blind (mounts to the blind shelf or mounts to the Pillar Mounting Bar {not included})
•    Most ladder stands with shooting rails

Total kit weight: 4 lbs

Sick and tired of shooting rest hogging up space in your blind? This Final Rest kit mounts right to the shelf of your blind, providing you with revolutionary space saving stability. If you don’t have a compatible shelf, you can screw a Pillar Mounting Bar into the sidewall of your blind. This creates a “shelf” to mount the Pillar system to. Quickly and easily attach the monopod to a shelf with the blind bracket, drop in your Single Arm and shooting rest, and you are all set to take long range shots.

Want to make accurate shots 20 feet up? This Final Rest kit can also mount to most ladder stands that have shooting rails.

The Fixed Blind Shooting Rest offers the stability and range of motion you need in a shooting rest system. Plus, Final Rest shooting systems are very packable and adjustable because of the innovative collapsable yoke design.

Works with most crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. Meant for use with any hard shell blind and most ladder stands with shooting rails.